The Griswolds impress with debut album

When your lead single has already become an indie pop hit, receiving radio play in foreign countries and pumping up the fans of the bands you open for, the pressure to leave a mark with your music rises drastically. The Griswolds, however, accomplished just that through the recent release of “Be Impressive,” their first full-length album.

In this highly anticipated project, the Australian group does not disappoint, delivering a collection of pop-infused choruses and catchy beats that will leave listeners singing along until the band’s next release. Although the single “Beware the Dog” has continuously placed on alternative radio countdowns for the past month, the band leaves its biggest mark with “America,” a unique song that outlines the bandmates’ intrigue in this foreign land, manifested in heavy drum beats and cheerful melodies. The title track, however, falls as a close second, with high-pitched voices cheering “Be Impressive,” rather than “be aggressive,” in a one-of-a-kind electronic sound.

Though the group succeeds in creating infectious dance-worthy tracks, they also use their lyrics to delve into heavier topics, as heard in “Down and Out.” While likely a crowd favorite, this upbeat and electro-influenced song moves the album in a darker direction, exploring the mental illness of a friend, who eventually passed away in the arms of lead singer Chris Whitehall.

Continuing into deeper content, but this time breaking from the peppy instrumentals, Whitehall uses “Thread the Needle” to showcase his powerful vocals and reminisce on the easier times of childhood. Even in the typical slow-down song of the album, the band creates both memorable and meaningful lyrics and melodies.

While only their first full release, “Be Impressive” foreshadows the group’s success in the alt music world.