Poppin’ Off: Weird Celebrity Couples


photo by Caitlyn Hale

With a surge of online creators rising on apps such as TikTok, the new concept of content houses has also appeared. While they can allow for collaboration between influencers, some seem to sprout more drama than creativity.

Your favorite celebrity couple struts down the runway at the Met Gala, impressing the crowd with their stunning outfits and perfect relationship. Fan edits and stories only further romanticize the lovebirds. Little do you know that the relationship began with a trashy pickup line, and has an extensive amount of problems. 

Perhaps one of the most odd yet idolized celebrity couples is Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Sure, they look good together and are both equally successful. What’s funny is how the relationship began. In an interview with British GQ, Fox revealed that the first time she met MGK, she said, “You smell like weed.” He, of course, replied with “I am weed.” There’s a lot to unpack there, to put it lightly. In pop culture, Fox is widely regarded as one of today’s most beautiful and talented actresses, and yet she fell for one of the worst jokes known to man. It would be hard to think of a worse thing to say to the Megan Fox. 

Later in the interview, Fox went on to describe how their relationship is “the darkest fairytale.” There’s no way that a relationship that was built upon “I am weed” is dark or a fairytale. On top of that, why would someone want to give their extremely public relationship such a negative image? Saying that your relationship is “demonic” or “agony” is embarrassing. Statements like that don’t need to be publicized. 

Another interesting development recently has been that of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. The two were spotted holding hands on a rollercoaster after sharing an onscreen kiss on Saturday Night Live. First of all, has Davidson dated every single woman to ever breathe? He wanted to go without dating big celebrities after his breakup with Ariana Grande, but that clearly didn’t happen. Kardashian and Davidson have a 14 year age gap, which is also interesting. Kardashian is currently going through her divorce from Ye, so she may just need emotional support from a friend. Time will tell. 

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that all of these people are happy in their relationships. They might be weird, but it’s not anyone’s problem but theirs.