Maze Runner sprints to success

Maze Runner sprints to success

The movie starts just like the book: sounds of clanking chains and complete darkness. The Maze Runner, a book that follows the lives of teenage boys who have been trapped in a maze and only remember their first names, has been successfully adapted into a movie full of action and suspense.

Director Wes Ball’s film catapults you into the world of Grievers and Gladers, constantly upping the dosage of intense adrenaline. Gladers are the residents of the Glade, the safe haven in the Maze where all of the boys live. The Gladers managed to construct a well-functioning society, but it all comes apart when the main character, Thomas, arrives. They battle several obstacles, including Grievers, the hybrid mechanical creatures slick with slime that  roam the Maze at night and prey on the Gladers.

To the fans’ dismay, the Maze Runner movie does stray from the book. Obviously they needed to save time, but portions of the movie were quite different. Multiple aspects of the book were altered to make complex moments in the movie simpler to understand, such as the system of the Changing. The film also lacked a certain colorful culture without the strange slang used in the novel.

While the movie could have been more similar to its origin, it still proved to be an action-packed release. Throughout the movie, eeriness of the teens’ situation keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Ranging from murderous Gladers to psychotic scientists, The Maze Runner has something freaky for everyone.

At any rate, The Maze Runner is a movie you do not want to miss. It will have you biting your nails down to the nubs, nervously waiting for the shocking twist of events at the end. Well, shocking as long as you have not read the book.