Holding tight to fame

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning was released on August 20 and is Jake Buggs fifth studio album.

photo by Genius

“Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” was released on August 20 and is Jake Bugg’s fifth studio album.

From love and gossip to finding your personal high, singer, songwriter Jake Bugg’s fifth studio album is great and tailored wisely towards teenagers, mostly keeping it quality throughout the album. 

Released Aug. 20, “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” seems to take some inspiration from Twenty One Pilots. The mood and surreal music videos of the first five songs on the album knocked expectations for first time listeners out of the park.

In the first few songs, the background music was kept at just the right volume and speed while he sang more slowly and calmly, really diving listeners into the music. Bugg uses instruments wisely, like the electric guitar in “Rabbit Hole” and guitar in “Scene.” 

The young artist obviously has a great voice and he showed that throughout the album. With the catchy lyrics and great singing listeners would have thought it would have been perfect all the way through, but as the album progresses, mostly starting with “Lost” and “Scene,” it begins to slip. These two songs start out great but quickly turn into him singing the same lyrics repeatedly. 

As “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” goes on, it gets better in the song “Lonely Hours” only to lose it’s footing again on the song “Screaming,” with mediocrity in the execution background music. Finally, finishing off the album with the song “Hold Tight,” the background music was nicely accomplished, but he seemed to have a slightly displeasing “EEE” sound in his voice, the only time his singing was not as good as previous songs.

All-in-all, “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” is a good album that is worth listening to. For what it was, listeners will take a liking to it, especially those who like artists such as Twenty One Pilots and Imagine dragons.