O-Glow slips into sixth year


photo by Jacob Arthur

With pools of paint on the floor and a crowd of nearly two thousand white T-shirt clad students with paint bottles in hand, on Aug. 15, Oviedo High School celebrated its sixth consecutive year of the rave-like paint party.

Oviedo’s student council was in charge of the event and they put in over 40 hours filling paint bottles, putting down flooring and perfecting small details.

In its sixth year, changes were put into place to make the event more memorable and safer, including an eye wash station and a new type of flooring, painters cardboard.

“[Student leadership] still laid down plastic tarps but we also added painters cardboard to prevent people from slipping and the paint from seeping through to the floor,” Oviedo SGA president, Michelle Ney said.

Even with the new flooring and extra precautions, students like sophomore Saralia Delgado were not completely safe.

“I was dancing and slipped and fell face first into a group of guys,” Delgado said.

Also, things like bottle throwing and crowd surfing remained a problem. Many students got hit in the head, shoulders and faces, making many students aggravated.

“I didn’t throw any bottles, but it was annoying [for people to be throwing them] and probably hurt someone,” junior Nathan Mitchell said.

Despite minor problems, there was an increase in attendees with 1800 tickets sold, raising a little more than $36,000 for student activities.