Freshman election sparks determination

Proving that “Chloe Mac got your back” and “You can’t go wrong with Allison Long,” the new freshman power duo has done what it takes to become the class president and vice president.

“I got downstairs and my friends jumped on to me and were like ‘Oh my god!’ I was screaming, I was jumping up and down in my class,” president Chloe Macfarlane said.

Macfarlane and vice president Allison Long strategized that campaigning together would give them a better chance of success, a tactic not often used in student government elections.  They both got the word out through the use of social media as well as colorful posters around campus. Posters from “free drinks” over the water fountain, to a to-do list that said to “wake up, brush your teeth and vote for Macfarlane and Long” were around every corner. Both girls also both posted pictures on Instagram reminding their followers to vote for them and reminding them to bring their IDs.

Both girls have always had a passion for being involved and wanted to bring their ideas and talent to the freshman class. Macfarlane has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and has recently completed her own personal community service. “I recently finished sending school supplies to schools for orphans in Afghanistan so that they can get a better education,” she said.

She and Long have been friends for four years. They are also both currently enrolled in the leadership class and have taken involvement in their homecoming committees within the class.

“I have pretty good communication skills and I enjoy working collaboratively and finding ways to make stuff work for everyone,” Long said.

Macfarlane and Long are looking forward to the year ahead and are encouraging any freshman that want to get involved to attend.  Meetings this year will take place in Pamela Lynch’s room 7-226 every Tuesday from 2:30-3p.m.