They don’t got this

Netflix movie Youve Got This is about a husband who wants nothing more than to be a dad but his wife is not as excited.

photo by Netflix

Netflix movie “You’ve Got This” is about a husband who wants nothing more than to be a dad but his wife is not as excited.


All Alex (Mauricio Ochmann) wants in life is to be a father, but his wife, Ceci (Esmeralda Pimentel) wants a successful career for herself. Released Oct. 2 on Netflix, “You’ve Got This” gives a heartfelt insight into the hardships of a long term relationship. Unfortunately, besides the empathetic love, nothing really stands out in this movie.
Originally released in Mexico, “You’ve Got This” was named “Ahí te Encargo” with Spanish-speaking characters. The transition from Spanish to an English voice-over is hard to follow and easily distracting, taking away from the experience by confusing the viewer. The audience wants to watch the characters, but it is difficult when mouth movements do not match the words spoken.
The movie was boring, but Alex’s relationship as a father contributed to an “awe” factor, making for an easier watch. This added to the love and family aspect of “You’ve Got This” making the movie a little less boring. Alex cares for the child like it is his own because at the moment, the child is the closest thing he has to a child with his wife.
The love between Alex and Ceci made the movie just a little bit better but did not make up for the rest of the slow and choppy plot. Events did not seem to flow together and many were short without much meaning to them. The plot was hard to follow between fast cut scenes continued by events that did not make sense.
Besides the romance, “You’ve Got This” does not have much going for it. The videography made it seem like everyone was standing behind a greenscreen the entire time. None of the actors throughout the movie seemed to be too invested in their character nor did they seem like they wanted to be on set.
“You’ve Got This” is a waste of two hours that could be spent doing anything else. Its painstakingly boring and choppy plot makes for a bad viewing experience, and fortifies this movie as one to skip.