Barely earns a spot on Mount Olympus


photo by Netflix

“Blood of Zeus” is an American-made anime about Heron, the demigod son of Zeus. The plot follows Heron and his friends as they protect Olympus and Earth from angry gods and a raging demon army.


Set in the world of Greek mythology, Netflix original anime series “Blood of Zeus” revolves around Heron (Derek Philips), the illegitimate son of Zeus (Jason O’Mara), as he tries to save Olympus and Earth from an impending demon army. Heron himself is not an original demigod from the legends, as he is a character created strictly for the show. In its prologue, the narrator claims that this is a tale ‘lost to history’ rather than passed down with our current collection of Greek myths. Through the highly graphic animation and wonderful writing, “Blood of Zeus” is one of the better cartoons on Netflix.

Released Oct. 27, “Blood of Zeus” is well-made, with only a few downsides. The voice acting, especially concerning Heron’s mother Electra (Mamie Gummer), felt forced, ruining the experience and spoiling the connection between Heron and his mother. Although the acting was bad on Gummer’s part, the writing created detailed backgrounds for each character, and truly pulled everything together. The acting from Zeus’ wife Hera (Claudia Christian) and demon leader Seraphim (Elias Toufexis) was absolutely fantastic, making up for other horrible performances. 

The show featured a unique writing and storytelling structure, although it took a while for the plot to pick up. “Trust the process” is taken to heart here, as you need to stick to the muddy beginning to get to the wonderful gore, character development and a shocking ending.

Despite the subpar voice acting and slow beginning, the detailed animation and writing made “Blood of Zeus” a tolerable anime, even for Netflix. The inner quarrel between Zeus and Hera made for an interesting take on a historic tale, and combined with the demon and giant plot line, “Blood of Zeus” is highly binge worthy. This show will leave you in suspense at every turn and is worth a watch, especially for those who admire the Greek tales.