Easy to Holi-hate


photo by Netflix

Netflix original “Holidate” focuses on a seasonal relationship between characters Sloane and Jackson. This movie is lousy and should not be watched on Christmas.


After being harassed by family and friends for being single on Christmas Day, Sloane (Emma Roberts) meets playboy Jackson (Luke Bracey) while returning unappealing Christmas gifts in a small town mall. The two become each other’s “Holidates,” only associating with one another on special occasions. Although it may sound like a cute, light-hearted movie, “Holidate” is a predictable, unprofound film with disgusting dialogue and subpar acting.

“Holidate” was released by Netflix on Oct. 28 in preparation for the holiday season. The movie shows Sloane and Jackson interacting on every holiday imaginable; even smaller holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day. The narrow-mindedness of the movie is shocking, with monotonous subplots and heavy focus on only one relationship. With a duration of one hour and 44 minutes, there were many opportunities to deepen the movie and delve into the side characters, such as Sloane’s odd and conservative sister-in-law. Even so, “Holidate” remained shallow and dry, only exposing the personalities of the annoying and uninteresting main characters.

On top of the bland plot, the dialogue in the film is misogynistic, gross and not suitable for holiday viewing. Within the first 20 minutes, Sloane was called crude names and comments were made about her body. Past that, her mother tried to force her into unwanted sexual predicaments to advance a relationship with Jackson. This movie is anything but a sweet, cuddle-up-with-a-hot-cocoa type movie; it is a reflection of the corruption within the media and film industries.

“Holidate” is shameful in the shadow of holiday favorites like “Elf” and “Home Alone.” This movie is not at all how it seems—it is repulsive and does not deserve to be in Netflix’s spotlight.