Dangerously boring

“Riverdale” star Camila Mendes plays Katie in a Netflix mystery-thriller “Dangerous Lies,” released April 3. Katie, a caregiver, soon finds that her elderly patient left his house to her and her husband after he passed. Events following his passing make Katie question everything she knows and secrets people are hiding. 

The film was a painstaking hour and 36 minutes, which felt like an eternity and a complete waste of time. Fans of Mendes were excited to see her expand her horizons beyond “Riverdale,” but were completely and utterly disappointed. 

“Riverdale” allowed the audience to connect with characters and had nail-biting events, while “Dangerous Lies” did not have the same tension and suspense factors. 

“Dangerous Lies” was a total let down for everyone who watched the trailer thinking the movie would be full of suspense and excitement.In the trailer, suspense and mystery were evident but the movie itself did not have the same delivery. 

Mendes aside, the acting in “Dangerous Lies” was subpar, making the movie hard to watch. The actors seemed uninterested in their character and the movie itself. 

The mystery of the movie was drowned out by the slow and choppy plot. Generally, the plot was confusing, and too many characters were introduced to keep track of. 

Although the movie was categorized as a “thriller” or “mystery” it was more boring and dull than anything. The film was not worth the watch even if someone is just looking for a movie to kill time.