T-Riffic Cafe thrills downtown Disney visitors

Avoiding that second glance at a towering ten-foot dinosaur as it roars towards the incoming meteorite is nearly impossible as you walk past the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney.  From the fun architectural designs to the exciting light shows, it was not only a dinner, but a Disney experience.

The themed rooms, which include underwater, forest, iceberg and volcano, have you wanting to see more, as every corner seems to have its own individual quirk.

Disorganization of getting a table was a bit frustrating for a hungry family of five.  Given an hour wait on a Friday night, we walked around for a while, but when we came back we had to wait in another line. However, once finally seated, the night took a turn for the better.

Although the restaurant was loud, it added to the atmosphere. Our waiter was very friendly, and even had the chef come out to talk about gluten -free dishes.  Since the café opened in 2008, it has set a gold standard for accommodating dietary restrictions. Our service was surprisingly fast considering the restaurant’s capacity, and the food did not disappoint.

Taking a bite into that juicy burger was the highlight of the night.  The fries reminded me of Chick-Fil-A with the waffle shape, but the extra crispy taste was a delicious touch. Other options such as Pterodactyl Salad and Triassic Tortellini add delicious options for any wide range of picky eaters.

“The End is Near” titled desserts include gigantic proportions of chocolate fudge cake, powdery doughnut holes and traditional cheesecake. Large portions left us asking for leftover boxes.

Disney experiences do come at a price though. Typical entrees range from $9 to $25 and can quickly add up for a family.  Like all things at Downtown Disney, expect to enjoy yourself and get a fun spin on a typical dinner experience. Plus, just two spots down from the Lego store there is plenty to see. It is, overall, a very fun atmosphere for date night or dinner with your family.