Unorthodoxly bad

On March 26, Netflix’s newest mini series “Unorthodox” was released, and it follows Esty Shapiro (Shira Haas), a Jewish woman who fled from an arranged marriage leaving Brooklyn, New York and ending up in Berlin, Germany. Esty is in search of a new life in Berlin while her family worries about her back home in Brooklyn.

Netflix is known for big hits and big misses: this show is definitely the latter. Netflix failed to meet viewers’ expectations, and it is safe to say that it was a huge disappointment.

“Unorthodox”  educates viewers about the religious practices throughout the series of the Jewish religion while Esty gripples with her new environment in Berlin. As a German-American show, the main language spoken is in Yiddish and viewers have to watch the show in closed caption, which for those unused to it, can take away from the experience.

“Unorthodox” can compare to other Netflix series since every episode has a dramatic twist to it, but most Netflix originals have four times the amount of episodes. Because it is a mini series, the events are jumbled together and the plot seemed rushed. Many Netflix originals have four times the amount of episodes in a season so because this show is a mini series, events are much more jumbled together.

Unfortunately, no episode of “Unorthodox” was binge-worthy or even able to keep the audience intrigued. Every episode dragged on longer than it should have, inevitably leading to the series becoming uninteresting. If you want a plot that is keeping you on the edge of your seat, “Unorthodox” is not the series for you.

The only thing a viewer might have gotten from watching “Unorthodox” is a few words of Yiddish and facts about the Jewish culture. “Unorthodox” does well as a history lesson – it gives a good picture of Jewish life, but if viewers come in looking for the traditional Netflix drama, tension and twists and turns, “Unorthodox” will disappoint.