Fired Up!

One of social media’s biggest platforms in the world is in threat of being shut down in America.

Known for its short videos on any topic from little kids dancing, to friends making jokes about each other, TikTok is its own kind of social media platform, separating itself from the likes of Instagram and Twitter. It has created many teen influencers who have become role models for the younger generation and talk about topics that are not recognized enough compared to Instagram’s creation of models. Without the app, many of those who depend on creators and content TikTok provides would be lost.

Many teens spend their days on TikTok for entertainment, yet others rely on it for their income. TikTok needs to stay in the United States for the sake of us all. 

Charli D’amelio is a sixteen year old who became famous because of TikTok. She was your ordinary teenager who started posting dance videos and went viral. Now, she and her older sister have their own makeup line and D’amelio has several sponsors from brands.

Social media has been a place for people to be themselves; many have become famous because of social media and their lives therefore would not be the same without it. Social media has also been an online space for people to make new friends or reconnect with others who they may have lost contact with. In general, social media receives a lot of hate, but TikTok has experienced the most recent backlash.

Despite President Donald Trump’s vendetta against the app, people will continue to access the app. Some have talked about switching their phone servers overseas in order to still have access to TikTok. People have fallen in love with the app and there is not much that will stop them from seeing or posting content from there. 

America faces major backlash from all types of users, not just teens. Many adults use TikTok as a way to advertise their business and show people what their company is about. 

Doctors use TikTok as a way to give quick medical advice and dermatologists tell you what products to never put on your face. Many teens use it as a form of therapy in ways to destress, talk to others, and connect with people who also have mental illnesses.TikTok is a feel good app full of contagious baby laughs, old people dancing, and animals making strange noises.

In the past, talk of the app’s potential shutdown revolved around security reasons and the US’ foreign affairs seeing as TikTok originated from China. TikTok’s potential shutdown in the US is nothing new, so the app seems like it will stick around.

Keeping TikTok is a must, because without it, thousands of lives and careers will be dramatically changed, and not for the better.