Students run on Dunkin’

It’s no surprise that many students function off of coffee. Pulling all-nighters trying to cram last minute studying for exams or staying up late texting that special someone, then trying to be even halfway functional the next day during school and practice, can prove to be a challenge, and it leads students right into the open arms of coffee.
First it was a Starbucks craze. Everywhere on campus girls (and a few daring guys) displayed their frappuccinos and macchiatos, proudly showing off the famous green mermaid clinging to their cup.
Not only was Starbucks a favorite on campus, but the world seemed to agree. In 2012, Starbucks dominated social media having the most followers on Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, and having most likes on Facebook, beating worldwide competitors such as McDonalds, Subway, and Panera.
With over 18,000 stores in 60 countries, it would be a huge challenge to compete, right? One company must have been up for the challenge, because everywhere on campus, green is being replaced with bright orange and pink. That’s right, Dunkin’ Donuts.
How could such a large cooperation lose some of its grip on students? One of the main reasons is cost. For a simple 20oz cup of coffee, Starbucks charges an average of $2.10, while Dunkin’ charges about $1.99, both varying by location. The small price difference adds up when students opt for more unique drinks.
Even the frappuccino lovers can get more bang for their buck by opting for a coolatta, Dunkin’s version of a frozen coffee beverage. While a 20oz frappuccino costs about $4.95, customers at Dunkin’ can get a 32oz coolatta for about $4.49. Sleepy students would rather pay less and get more coffee, than pay more just for a green mermaid on their cup.
“I love Dunkin’ Donuts because you get great coffee at a cheap price,” sophomore Caitlyn Zibell said. “I go maybe four or five times a week, and I’ve even gone up to three times in one day.”
Students also like Dunkin’ because of the variety of products. As Starbucks is known for their coffee products and small pastries, and only recently started carrying breakfast sandwiches, Dunkin’ has a far larger food menu. Dunkin’ offers 106 varieties of donuts varying by location, not to mention their pastries, muffins, bagels, cookies, wraps, sandwiches, and flatbreads.
“Starbucks doesn’t have that many options besides coffee. At Dunkin’ you don’t only have to get coffee, you can get donuts, you can get food,” sophomore Erika Neger said. “Starbucks is just mainly coffee.”
With Dunkin’s popularity soaring among students on campus, many have been using it to their advantage, surprising people with the delicious gift of donuts. Sophomore Kayla Herrick brings donuts to school and shares them at lunch with her friends. Freshman Elizabeth Simkins brought donuts to her Sunday school class to celebrate a friend’s birthday.
“I always bring people donuts,” Neger said. “I even surprised my friends with a half-dozen heart shaped donuts as their Valentine’s Day gift.”
Even though students are often seen carrying their Dunkin’, teachers are beginning to dive into the trend. Teachers like Mrs. Hearsey and Coach Cabal are well known among students to sip their daily dose of coffee. Some teachers who don’t conform to the addiction still notice the trend on campus.
“High school girls love coffee, especially Starbucks and Dunkin’,” coach Weston Below said. “I only drink it occasionally, but they seem to always bring in coffee in the morning.”
Whether you’re recuperating from a long night of AP homework, or sluggish after a long practice, coffee in general is the saving grace chosen by many students. However on this campus specifically, students run on Dunkin’.