Cursed with a bad rep

On July 17, the new Netflix fantasy series “Cursed” was released, and it soon soared to number one in Netflix’s top 10 charts. “Cursed” is about a young rebel named Nimue (Katherine Langford) who is armed with mysterious powers and the legendary sword. Nimue joins forces with charming mercenary Arthur (Devon Terrell) on a mission to save her people from the Red Paladins, who are trying to eradicate all magic from the earth, killing anything in their path. 

From the description and trailer, the show seemed cheesy. Many Google reviews gave it a one star rating, claiming that the story went nowhere. The Arthurian legend of Merlin the Magician and Arthur has been done many times and never successfully. What they failed to mention was that the story had never been told from the unique perspective of Nimue, and that the show was jam packed full of enchanting storylines and characters.

Despite the mixed opinion, “Cursed” was not half-bad and turned out to be one of the better shows on Netflix. The acting was on point, and the character development was deep, especially with Langford’s character Nimue and the Weeping Monk (Daniel Sharman). Although the beginning of the season was a little lackluster, this was made up for as the story progressed and upped the ante. The constant battle between Nimue’s friends and the Red Paladins was captivating, and alongside amazing cinematography that was picturesque of “The Witcher” and “The Last Kingdom,” the audience was sucked in by the third episode.

Every minute a new secret was revealed or someone was getting murdered, and since the sappy drama was balanced with intense action, it was a very rewarding show overall. Although some may say “Cursed” could have lived up to its potential more, the strong plotting and valiant performance of Langford made it an amusing production that is worth the watch.