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It is hard to go a full day without worrying about the effects of the pandemic. This generation has never before dealt with a virus as severe as COVID-19, and often we feel helpless to what happens in our surroundings. 

However, times like this allow us to take a step back and appreciate family, friends, and little moments of normalcy. The coronavirus impacts everyone, whether directly or indirectly. Loved ones can be infected with the virus or even work on the front lines of the situation, risking contracting the virus themselves. 

While most people follow stay-at-home orders, some do not have a choice. Essential workers such as medical professionals, grocery store workers and delivery drivers put their lives at risk to keep society healthy and functioning. Low-wage workers cannot afford to leave their jobs either, as they need to provide for their families. 

Even while maintaining social distancing, a handful of people stepped up to provide support for others during this time. From sewing masks for essential workers to donating to food banks and relief efforts, people can make a difference even from inside their home. 

 With the changing times, everyone has felt the impact, and the BluePrint staff is highlighting the stories of several students and teachers, each one dealing with their own unique circumstances. 

Sick with worry
Time will tell
Doctor who
No chickening out
Continue to care
Just an extra smile

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