The perfect sound


photo by Will Edmonds

Sitting at his desk mixing a beat, freshman Kendrick Leoncio works on producing his own sound. He tried to find the right combinations of sounds to improve his music.

As freshman Kendrick Leoncio sits at his desk with a mixer and GargeBand opened, he puts on his red beats headphones and listens to his final product of one of his tracks before releasing it.

When I make music, I feel many emotions. Depending on the song I could feel inspired, excited, sad, happy. It’s different every time and that’s one of the reasons I like making beats so much,” said Leoncio.

After a long day at school and at basketball practice, Leoncio still finds time to produce music, for it allows him to “express himself” and for him to do something that he genuinely enjoys and is proud of.

“It felt really good to see something you put so much time and effort in to be up on a platform as a finished product.”

Leoncio uses popular music streaming services such as Youtube and SoundCloud to upload his newest beats.

Depending on the song, I could feel inspired, excited, sad, happy. It’s different every time and that’s one of the reasons I like making beats so much.

— Kendrick Leoncio, 9

“I use YouTube and Soundcloud because they are more user friendly and on other platforms such as Spotify, it’s harder for my music to get seen,” said Leoncio.

He released his first beat to SoundCloud two years ago and since then, he has been hooked on it and has released number more.

As any other new artist, he makes his music on inspiration from other well-known and successful artists.

“I’m inspired by artists like Nick Mira, Metroboomin, and Jetson Made. I would listen to their music and I thought it was good. I watched videos to see what I needed and started making rap beats on my own,” said Leoncio.

While he has yet to gain any major attention on his beats and not seeing himself making beats for a job in the future, he is still open to the opportunity if it did occur. however, Leoncio is not too concerned where the music takes him because he sees music producing as a hobby that he enjoys and putting it out in the world for others to enjoy.

“I just like it has a hobby; you know. I’m proud of the stuff I do with music and I think it’s fun, but I wouldn’t want to make it a full-time thing,” said Leoncio.