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photo by Charlotte Mansur

Bernie’s is a cafe that provides gourmet food to take home to family.

Bernie’s Gourmet to Go

At first glance, Bernie’s Gourmet to Go wouldn’t catch your eye, but a closer look and find an inviting hotspot of hometown tradition. Bernie’s keeps a cozy atmosphere where everyone can feel at home, and the food reflects that. From traditional dinners that change every night, to the variety of chicken salad flavors, Bernie’s provides food that tastes like Mom’s, without her having to make it.

They offer a dozen different styles of chicken salad, ranging from curry raisin to southern barbeque, as well as a variety of other salads such as beet or potato. Each come with their own distinct flavor that leaves you wanting more.

photo by Charlotte Mansur
Half pound containers of Bernie’s beet salad, curry raised chicken salad and potato salad.


Bernie’s sandwiches, however, are the highlight. They have every variety of bread you can think of and fixings to accompany each. The portabella sandwich for instance offers roasted red peppers and a creamy goat cheese sauce that is to die for.

photo by Charlotte Mansur
The portobello mushroom sandwich comes with a bag of chips.

Carol is the lady in the front that is always there to take your order accompanied by Bernie himself in the kitchen whipping up his newest creation. Carol loves to chat, so do not be afraid to ask her favorites-she always knows what is best. 

If you haven’t tried Bernie’s yet, it is a definite must. 






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