Snack Attack

When I am in class and am trying to learn, there are multiple things that keep me from doing so. I could be exhausted, annoyed or sometimes I may just not be in the “school mood” but when I hear what seems to be a beaver gnawing on wood right next to my ear, the last thing I want to do is focus on school.

The whole concept of eating in class has really changed from what it used to be. Students used to sneak in snacks and then when the teacher was not looking, they would stuff them into their mouths, but not anymore. These days, it is perfectly acceptable to basically eat a whole pie in class as long as you do not make a mess.

While some students indulge in loud foods like crunchy carrots, others like to munch obnoxiously on a whole bag of potato chips or even their whole lunch before their first period has even ended.

It is not even just the process of eating the food that is annoying, but the germy mess left behind as well. Walking into class and sitting down at a crumb infested desk is never seen as enjoyable.

Then there is always that one person who just had to stop at McDonald’s before class to grab a coffee and if the smell is not addicting enough, the slurping sound the straw makes is enough to pull your hair out.
The reason behind this food fiasco really all comes down to how early school starts. Students are clearly not capable of digesting meals before 7 a.m. and because teenagers are constantly growing, they need food, but to what extent? Is it really necessary to have the girl next to me chomping on carrots for 30 minutes straight?

The solution is quite simple: eat quietly and be considerate of those around you, or just wait to eat during break or at lunch. No one wants to hear the sound of food being digested.