Our Take: Administration takes the lead in building spirit

Judging from the packed student section to the enthusiastic targeted pep rallies, things have changed and we are finally developing school spirit. School spirit has always been our huge flaw for the past few years, but with a new principal in place and the sense of a fresh start, we feel and see the difference.

Before this year, the school years have felt redundant. Students run away from intimidating administrators watching out for dress code violations, they sit quietly with unamused faces during pep rallies, and then they refrain from making an appearance at football games or any other games.

Principal Robert Frasca is trying to lift school spirit with more pep rallies and spirit items like baby powder and pom poms, but most importantly, he is leading by example and it is working.

However, the praise does not solely fall on Frasca. Administrators like Roy DeCosta, Jay Getty, and Christy Bryce have done their part.

Getty took initiative with the new school spirit app, titled “Spirit,” which allows students to earn points by going to the selected different school events. By going to the event, students can earn points and receive awards: yearbooks, tickets to homecoming or prom, t-shirts and even designated parking spots. This has led to the increase of student sections at games other than football. Although the app is new, if it continues to work as well as the other initiatives, other sports’ student sections will hopefully continue to keep growing too.

Another place Frasca continues to lead in is attending school events. He can be seen in the mornings standing with assistant principal Dough Miller on the outside of the school, greeting students, on breaks walking around with a smile from ear to ear, and even at golf tournaments. It is like we cannot get enough Frasca. Along with Frasca being more present in the school, other administrators are following in his lead.

In the corners of the cafeteria we see Frasca, Miller, Bryce and resource officer David Attaway all together, chatting away and laughing. We see administrators who are not even scheduled for rotation during break at break, conversing and interacting with students and taking the time to get to know them better.

We have been longing for a change and now is our chance. While some transitions take some getting used to, like lanyards or the new parking setup, it is easier to take knowing that change can be good.

It seems that things this year, for the lack of a better word, are a bit more “chill.” It is not due to rules not being enforced, but due to the shift in the administrators’ focus.

Having a new, energetic person to run things comes with great expectations. Administrators are putting in the effort, and the student body has responded. So let’s continue supporting them by showing school spirit.