Homecoming in high gear


photo by Faith Marino

Like last year’s homecoming pep rally, this year’s will be glow-in-the-dark themed and will showcase the various events from the week like Powderpuff. The pep rally will be on Oct. 4.

Powderpuff sponsor and coach Elaine Sayre is “particularly excited” about Wednesday’s Powderpuff game, both for her football players as well as her cheer team.

“Since the first practice, both sides have been a lot more focused than in previous years and they’ve just been really on point,” said Sayre. “A lot of the kids already showed up this year with new tricks and stunts.”

According to senior Christopher Ballentine, the male cheerleaders have had “difficulties” fitting into borrowed cheer uniforms – however, he is sure they’ll work it out in time to perform.

For the girls’ football practice, Sayre has been dedicated toward getting her teams in shape. In order to better assess the strengths of the group, Sayre split the girls into three teams to each focus on separate aspects of the game.

“I have girls who are really good at receiving the ball on the field working on their footwork and vice versa,” said Sayre. “Whatever it takes to make them better all around.”

The powderpuff game itself, scheduled to start at 7 p.m., is expected to be the “most competitive” in years according to Sayre.

“This group has a lot of real potential to make it an interesting match. Both the juniors and the seniors really want the win,” said Sayre.

Powderpuff is not the only activity happening during homecoming week however.

On Friday’s Music Festival spirit day, the school will host both the homecoming glow pep rally in the gym as well as the homecoming football game against Winter Springs at 7 p.m.

At the pep rally, students can expect a wide variety of student entertainers, interactive crowd games and a wave of glow sticks, baby powder and school pride. In addition, for those who cannot attend the game on Wednesday, both the junior and senior Powderpuff cheerleading teams want to make a return appearance during the pep rally.

After a week of spirit days and events, the Highway to Homecoming dance will be from 8-11 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5. This semi-formal event is expected to be very similar in both set up and organization to last year, according to student body president Conall Crossan.

The dance tickets, which are now $35, also include a neon class t-shirt while supplies last. These shirts will be used to organize grades at the glow pep rally: seniors will wear yellow, pink for juniors, green for sophomores and orange for freshmen.