The Frasca Spirit


photo by Luke Campese

Cheerleaders and dance team members perform during the Husky Huddle on Aug. 30. Principal Robert Frasca has planned to make spirit events like this more of a regular thing.

Everyone dreads the moment they get called into the principal’s office, but Robert Frasca is hoping to change that by improving the way people view high school principals.

At the end of  April, Frasca was hired as the new principal. The rest of the school consisted of  AP testing, nine weeks testing, senior exams, and all the graduation activities. Art and athletic groups were winding down, and classes were more relaxed than at their third quarter peak. Our campus “wasn’t in full effect,” Frasca said, so he did not get to experience the real student body. Now in his first full year, he is having the full experience.

“There are a lot of people here that are very proud to be Huskies,” Frasca said. “So far everybody’s just been upbeat, and energetic. I think we’re off to a great start to the school year,” Frasca said.

 He feels “blessed” to be part of the positive atmosphere he feels there is at school and is learning as the year continues.

He asked the teachers about what one thing that they want to work on in their classes this year. Teachers said they wanted to see more school spirit, so Frasca started implementing small changes:  new pom poms, flyers in the courtyard, and exciting pep rallies. Students experiencing consistency on campus is the outcome he wants to see from the changes this year. 

“For me, it’s just a matter of being a part of the school and the community….This year, I don’t have any major shifts in philosophy,” Frasca said. 

“He’s definitely making his face known and basically becoming the face of the school which is what the principal needs to do,” said dean Roy DeCosta. Frasca used DeCosta to help him with building relationships with students based off how DeCosta did through DeCosta memes.

 DeCosta feels that Frasca has done a great job of working in the “precarious” situation he was put in as he is using all of his available resources for events such as giving the graduation speech. Frasca did not have much time to prepare for the task and he did not know the Seniors well.  

This is Frasca’s first year as a principal. He spent 20 years working in education and 11 of them were spent as a teacher. For seven years, Frasca has worked in Seminole County with Hagerty as his fifth school in the county. Frasca knows what to expect.

Frasca got into education because he enjoyed working with the students. He does not want to just be sitting at a desk all day and wants to interact with others and go see students represent the school whether it be a football game or a play. 

“The biggest thing for me is I’m just trying to be me … and just trying to find how I can fit in and be myself,” Frasca said.