Mayo for yo


photo by Serious eats

Mayonnaise, you either love it or hate it, there is no grey area. Tolerating mayonnaise is like thinking black licorice is just okay. It is not okay, it is a sin, unlike the super adaptable, unapologetically calorific mayonnaise.

Unfortunately,  we live in a mayo-hostile world where many of us mayonnaise aficionados are burned at the stake for our love. So what if I want to have mayonnaise with my fries, or maybe even pack a packet or two in my purse?

With its subtle tanginess, mayonnaise is incredibly versatile and can be used in anything from pasta to baked goods. Which makes it way better than its flashy cousin ketchup that takes over anything within a mile radius.

Mayonnaise is more than just taste, though. It keeps your food, prepare yourself, moist. However horrid of a word moist may be, it is vital when it comes to food. No one has ever said, “I just love this cake- it’s so flavorful and dry.” And a dry sandwich going down the throat feels like swallowing a bunch of sawdust.

Sandwiches, of course, have other condiments to rely on: honey mustard, tartar or even secret ones like In and Out’s and McDonald’s special and animal style sauces. All of which are mostly mayonnaise.

Critics claim that mayo’s consistency is its downfall, comparing its “slime” or “sticky” quality to something unnatural or unearthly. There is even a terms: mayophobia. If making up a phobia was a thing, I would have been gymophobic years ago. I understand if mayonnaise isn’t your thing, but mayophobia? You took it too far.

No matter your stance on mayo it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to eating. Don’t be discouraged to try something new just because of a stigma behind it. Except black liquorice, of course.