And they were roommates


photo by Room Sync

The logo for RoomSync, an app that helps match students up with a perfect roommate. Senior Gatienne Joudenais used this when finding her UF roommate.

Senior Brooke Boddiford found the perfect roommate dancing in front of the Cinderella castle. After spending a day at Disney World with a potential roommate she met through a family friend, she did not need to look for one anymore.

“I realized we were so similar, and I just love her,” Boddiford said.

Once seniors and get accepted and decide on a college, the next step is to find a roommate. Everyone has standards and finding someone who matches those can be difficult. Potential roommates could be too messy, too introverted, too similar or too different, any of those could be a red flag.

Senior Gatienne Joudenais used the app Roomsync to find her UF roommate. Roomsync mimics the features of a popular online dating app, Tinder, where the user can look at a potential candidate and decide whether to “swipe left” for no or “swipe right” for yes.

“It is basically like Tinder, but for roommates,” Joudenais said. “I was able to choose my roommate through there.”

On Roomsync, each student has a biography on their profile, their “ideal roommate description,” and lifestyle preferences such as bedtimes, activity levels, and cleanliness. Then, the app matches students with someone and the student can either “swipe right” or “swipe left.”

Other seniors, like Lauren Lundstrom, who has already chosen her roommates through the UCF housing portal, was able to simulate what it would be like to live with them over spring break as the met at Gasparilla Island and stayed in a beach house for a few days.

“It was a huge help because we were able to find out if we would live together well and we got to know each other better so move in day isn’t awkward,” Lundstrom said.

She also looked for the girls’ Instagram accounts to see what her potential roommates looked like and their clothing styles. After finding them, she was able to make the decision final and even visited them over break.

Seniors like Chris Hope and Nicole Assenmacher went a different route and chose to have a random roommate.

“I’m crossing my fingers I get a good roommate,” Hope said. “I understand why people would be nervous [about getting a random roommate], but I’m excited. I think it would be cool to meet someone I have never heard about before.”

Assenmacher is not too worried about rooming with someone random because she already has friends at FSU with random roommates and they have had a great experience with it.

“I know the whole finding a roommate thing a big deal and is kind of stressful, but I have friends at FSU already that were randomly paired with their roommates and are really happy with it,” Assenmacher said. “I do not really have anyone super close to me that is also going to FSU, so I figured it would be a good way to make friends.”

She also plans to fill out a survey provided by FSU that helps to find someone compatible with her once it opens.

Finding a roommate has become a top priority for seniors as they prepare to leave for college in the coming months, whether it be through an app, a school sponsored program or random selection.

“I am super excited to live with my roommates and get to experience college life,” Lundstrom said. “I already miss making memories with them from spring break, and I cannot wait until we move in together in the fall.”