Model UN hosts tournament


Talking to the club about current events, senior Michael Mcnamara and junior Artie Nayak were trying to explain to members the news of the week.

On Saturday, March 9 the students were able to hosted a tournament at the school. A week before the tournament students are given a packet that tells them what country they will represent and the issue they are covering. They collect information about the countries stand on the topic or prior resolutions on the topic so when they come to compete they embody their country and discuss the topic and come to a resolution.

Being able to host the tournament was a big step for the club. This will allow more events and happenings to happen in the future.

Senior Michael McNamara won the prize for best delegate and Freshman Lillian Sullivan received honorable mention.

“Working in this club and being able to compete is a great learning experience,” said McNamara.

Model UN members discuss current real world problems. They simulate conflict or environmental issues or global issues and then unlike debate it isn’t a competition, the point is to come to a solution from whatever problem presents itself. They learn about the subject and have conversations discussing the different views.

Throughout the month of February, Model of United Nations sold $1 coffee in Sponsor Erin Foley’s room to raise money for the club. The competitions cost $5 for each student and this a big experience for the students.

“This club makes students aware of global issues and the interconnectedness of all of the nations” Foley said

The club gives student a chance to learn about news that involves them and the community around them.