Gilbert lives celebrity life style in father’s footsteps


The fame, the money, the glory. Being a celebrity is everyone’s dream and meeting them is a close second.

Jody Gilbert is one of the privileged. Not only does she tag along with her dad, a producer at KDS Music Studios, she is also an active participant in the music business. Gilbert gets to meet celebrities and sometimes help out with their songwriting and production, shooting out ideas and contributing when she can. As songwriting goes, Gilbert helped the Disney Star, Zendaya, with her new album, and she even had a lot of input in the song, Replay.

Gilbert sometimes even goes to the studio without her dad, which she has been doing more lately, to work on new songs or play the piano. She also gets to travel to the Miami and California studios with her dad where she gets to encounter new celebrities and catch up with old friends. Miranda Cosgrove and Dakota Fanning are her “must see” friends when visiting California and Jamie Foxx and Shakira are like her second parents.

“My dad worked with Jamie and Shakira when I was a young girl. I was obsessed with them then,” Gilbert said.

In contrast with the usual sugarcoating of celebrity lives, Gilbert thinks they are “just other people with the same hobbies [as her].” This allows for Gilbert to bond quickly with some famous few.

“It’s not a bid deal to me. They are just other kids,” Gilbert said. “But I have a job that makes them an open book.”

The normality is shown in their hangout spots, as they are just the same as any other ordinary person’s: whether it be shopping or going out to lunch.

“I have an obsession with ice cream, so every time I go to California, Jamie always takes me to an ice cream shop,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert is not best friends with every celebrity however, she says Disney Stars are her “mortal enemies,” Especially  Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, who are apparently “the worst.” Although she views most of the Disney Stars this way, she does think Demi Lovato is the “coolest of the bunch.”

Gilbert said. “They are all really stuck up and think they are all that because they work for the leader in the entertainment industry.”

The music business is not all fun and games however, Gilbert’s time is stretched between music and school. With her nights and weekends spent at the studio, her time for schoolwork is limited.

“It is super, super stressful handling everything,” Gilbert said. “I am always doing homework at the studio, I even create songs to help me study sometimes in order to get both down.”

Although her lifestyle is a bit out of the ordinary, Gilbert does not view herself as different. Nor has she ever thought of  celebrities that way. They are just normal people involved in a different type of business.

“They [other people] think it’s unbelievable,” Gilbert said. “That I’m really lucky and wish they were me. If I could I would give  it to them.”