Administration gets tough on THC

School policy has been altered to deal with the influx of illegal substances

Administration gets tough on THC

Due to the increase of incidents in the past year, school officials have altered the consequences for drug possession and usage on school grounds, due to the abuse of e-cigarette and dab pens carrying traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, also referred to as THC, the crystalline compound is the main active ingredient of cannabis.

“There is certainly a cause for concern regarding the abuse of substances on school property,” said Dean DeCosta.

With the “substantial increase” of violations in the last year, according to SRO David Attaway, school policy has been altered so students found with products containing THC can now be arrested and removed off campus.

Although specific consequences depend on whether or not the student has prior offences, all cases of illegal substances will now result in an automatic arrest. Possession of a product that contains THC on school grounds is a felony charge. The school will no longer interfere with what DeCosta referred to as “a pipeline buffer,” where the school steps in to handle the situation without having the student officially arrested and removed from campus.

The adjusted policy now applies to all students regardless of age. Students over 18 who are found in possession of products containing THC will be sent to the Seminole County jail and minors will be relocated to the Seminole County Juvenile Assessment Center. All parents and guardians will be notified of such actions, but parental consent is not required for minors to be forcibly removed from campus.

“We know what’s been going on,” said DeCosta, “and we’re taking the necessary precautions to ensure the future safety of our students.”