Airpods: A new trend


“I don’t speak broke” said Michael Rygh as he pulled out his AirPods from his charging box and slipped them in his ears with no struggle.

Airpods, the new internet sensation that many people have turned into a meme, are the most purchased gifts for Christmas 2018. AirPods are sold by apple and are made to make listening to music and charging your phone easier. Although they have many cool features the moment I put the Apple AirPods in my ears, I feel like I’ve already dropped them. They are extremely tiny. But other than that the Apple AirPods might be the best product Apple has produced in years. But by going wireless, and by doing it so well. And even though it seems like a small matter, just a wireless headset, the device could fundamentally alter the way people interact with machines, and with one another.

In 2004 Apple started going on this path and ran the “Silhouette” ad campaign for the iPod. This campaign started years before the iPhone when the products were still bulky and big but the point of it was to play music.

But then the iTunes Music Store had launched, along with slimmer, cheaper, and more capacious iPods that worked with Windows in addition to Mac. But the iPod had another, less obvious impact, too. During this period, from the iPod in 2001 through the iPhone X today, the white, Apple earbuds have achieved universal adoption. Every iPod and iPhone comes with a pair of the wired headphone, and the white color was universally accepted that it became the signature color. The white earbuds weren’t a new design and the sound quality wasn’t great, but they were iconic and cheap. After acclimating to the AirPods, I began wondering if the role earbuds play in technological life has been underestimated. The best way to understand a technology is to remove it and go without, only then does its function becomes needed. You notice this when your car breaks down or when you leave your phone at home and can’t check in with people.

The AirPods free you from the earbud cable without requiring the bulk of headphones. The AirPods retain the familiar color and shape for which Apple has been known, so it really does feel the same, minus the cord. This small change could have a profound effect. “I enjoy the fact that I can listen to my music without the cord bothering me” said Anthony Abudaif.

The AirPods feature many deft design choices. The case charges the buds, which magnetically attach inside. When you place one in an ear, a sensor detects the action, and pairs automatically. The same sensor allows the device to pause music or when you remove an AirPod bud it stops. These are slick features that have really advanced apples AirPods.

AirPods are amazing new internet sensations that people are going crazy over. The improvements apple has made over the years has really made the AirPods a big sensation.