Rocha family involved in serious accident

Support the Rocha family by donating or making get-well cards.

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Support the Rocha family by donating or making get-well cards.

On Friday, Jan. 4, Assistant Principal Angel Rocha and ESE teacher Patrick Rocha’s family were involved in a devastating accident that left their daughter Zoey, and Angel Rocha’s parents seriously injured.

The incident involved a tanker truck pulling out in front of their truck. The accident happened in Bithlo, at East Colonial Drive and Gloucester Street in the evening. Rocha’s parents were recovering at Orlando Regional Medical Center from broken back surgeries and are now at physical therapy, while their daughter is at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children for traumatic brain damage to her right, frontal lobe.

“Zoey seems to be holding strong and they are checking daily to see how she is progressing. Both parents are out of surgery and working on recovery,” English teacher Lindsey Jackson said.

Jackson had set up a GoFundMe that students can donate to, which has already raised over $16,000, but the goal is $100,000 since the combined medical bills are expected to be so high.

Students can assist and show support to the Rocha family by donating to the GoFundMe set up by Jackson or visiting executive secretary Sylvia Seacrist, located in the front office who is also assisting with donations.

Aside from donating money, students and staff have other ways to help. Jackson recommends spreading information through social media, donating books for Rocha to read to her daughter and making get-well cards.

Assistant principal Christy Bryce has also contributed ideas, suggesting that students can pray for Zoey.

“Pray for them, for her to come through this. It is kind of a waiting game, to see how Zoey is,” said Bryce.

Students can also participate in upcoming DARE week, which will be held the week of Feb. 4. All proceeds will go toward the Rocha family.

In an email to the school, Rocha wrote, “To everyone who has been supportive through prayer, text, calls, cards and generous donations, all we can say is thank you…it helps a bit to see the very best brought out in people through the ties that bind us all…community and family.”



Safer Driving

Driving on the road can be extremely dangerous and there is always the risk of an accident. However, there are steps one can take to prevent one or lessen the impact.

-Have the right attitude: When driving, try to eliminate road-rage and other strong feelings. The road is shared with many others and it is important to keep yourself safe as well as not hurt any others.

-Wear a seatbelt: In any seat you are in, it is incredibly important to wear a seatbelt, as it stops you from flying out of your seat from an impact.

-Pull into traffic slowly: When driving, there are many things going on at the same time. Always look both directions and take caution of blind spots.

-Stay off of the phone: Unless it is an emergency, phones should never be used when driving. They are distracting and cause the driver to divert attention from the road, which is never good.


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