Team Bruthers takes home gold in dodgeball tournament

On Monday, Oct. 27, homecoming week started with a six on six dodgeball tournament. Eight teams entered the tournament looking to win gold medals: Team SGA, Team Security, Team State Champions (softball team), Team Pooler, (the coaches), Team Bruthers, (baseball), Team Water Polo, Team Juniors and Team Math.

In the first round, Team Security defeated Team Juniors in a close matchup, advancing to the winners bracket. Coach Kapp led Team Pooler to a narrow victory by eliminating two opponents and dodging a close head shot. Teams State Champs and the Bruthers also advanced to the bracket including a great dodge by the Bruthers where a teammate did a flip to avoid being hit and eliminated.

The winners bracket started with the Bruthers defeating Team Security with three teammates standing, and Team Pooler barely defeating the state champions with two teammates left standing. The championship match was between the 2-0 Bruthers and the 2-0 Team Pooler. They came out firing. They quickly had to regroup as the Bruthers almost swept them, junior Sergio Alcala caught balls to eliminate three people helping them win the tournament.

“Winning was really unexpected, because we were just goofing around and being ourselves. My favorite part was making a one handed catch,” Alcala said.

After the first round, the losers bracket started with junior Connell Crossan hitting three opponents in a row to help the Juniors defeat Team Water Polo. Team Math also won by knocking out the SGA team. In the loser bracket finals were Team Math and Team Juniors.  Both sides claimed their ball hit their opponent first, but in the end the Math team managed to pull out the win.