District Eat and Play brings fun escape to Oviedo Mall


District Eat and Play is an arcade, sit-down restaurant and has escape rooms.

Sarah Dreyer, Staff Reporter

Senior Faizal Alawadhi played Space Invaders at the new District Eat and Play Arcade as pins were knocked down by bowling balls in the background.  

“The arcade is really different than any other gaming arcade,” Alawadi said.

On Aug. 2, District Play opened at the Oviedo Mall with an arcade, bowling, escape rooms, and a restaurant. District Play will also host live music and events such as viewings of football games and trivia nights.

Sophomore Isabella Franco went with two of her friends the last week of summer to try it out. To play in the arcade, she and her friends had to purchase a rechargeable ‘Play Card’ with credits.

As traditional arcades do, each game in the arcade awarded a certain number of tickets, and with enough, players can win prizes.

“They have everything for prizes, from board games to candy,” Franco said.

Senior Shayne Watson went with a couple of her coworkers from Auntie Anne’s, bringing their own deck of cards to play and ordering some fries and pretzels.

“I was surprised it was so [inexpensive],” Watson said. “New places, especially like that, are usually pricey.”

Customers can also order snacks, as well as meals like pizzas, wings, soups and salads.

District Play also offers four escape rooms: “Room 113,” “Shafted,” “Off the Radar” and “the Apothecary.” It costs $28 per person to participate, but prices change if there are more than six people. Each one of these rooms has a different theme to appeal to audiences.

With the opening of District Play, the Oviedo Mall is bringing in new crowds.

‘’The Oviedo Mall was quiet, because there was not a lot to do, just the Barnes and Nobles, Gamestop and the cinema,” Alawadhi said. “When the arcade opened, it was a big deal.”