PTSA hosts Grad Bash event for seniors

On Friday, May 18, after practice graduation, the PTSA will host Grad Bash for seniors. The event, which is intended to celebrate seniors and their impending graduation, which will include entertaining activities for those who attend.

“It’s a celebration for the seniors and it has food and games, raffle prizes, gift cards, and they have a chance to enter the money machine. Everything is free, and it is a chance to celebrate their graduation,” event organizer Laurie Cox said.

During the raffles, seniors will have a chance to win various prizes, including microwaves, TVs and printers. A variety of gift cards to popular locations will also be available to win. These prizes are intended to assist seniors as they transition into college life and dorm rooms.

“We choose things that could be for your dorm. Anything to from microwaves to a cooler with a cd player for tailgating,” Cox said.

There will also be carnival style games for seniors to participate in during the event. Seniors will have a chance to use a “money machine” to win cash as well.

In addition, food will be provided, including Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. This food will be free for seniors as a part of the celebration.

The event is planned to be outdoors, but a rain plan is available in case of inclement weather, and the event will proceed. Even if rain makes an outdoor event impossible or inadvisable, the event will take place in the school cafeteria. While one side of the room will be dedicated to food and tables, the other side will host the games and raffles.

“It’s free, it’s a big fun time, and they have a chance to go home with money and prizes,” Cox said.