Checking off graduation


These are the top 10 students of 2018. They are making sure to complete their graduation requirements on time.

Tara Routie, Staff Reporter

The finish line is in sight. The seniors are about to cross the stage… until that failed Algebra I EOC pulls them back and prevents them from graduating.

As graduation on May 21 approaches, seniors are more than ready to be done. While senior credit checks already happened in the first quarter, many still have a list of tasks to complete before they can walk on graduation day. Use this checklist to make sure you graduate on time.

Things that must be completed to graduate:

  • Passing the Algebra 1 EOC and the Grade 10 ELA test
  • Having a cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Passing all classes required for graduation, with the total amount of credits being at least 26
  • Completing virtual school classes by May 1
  • Paying all monetary obligations

Monetary obligations should be posted in Skyward, or students can check their balance with the bookkeeper in the front office.

While it seems easy enough to graduate, there have been students who did not graduate because they failed to complete a virtual class on time. The counselors try to make sure that students complete their work before the deadline, but it is known to them when a student cannot graduate on time.

“Quite a bit of our time is spent tracking progress in online classes for seniors, emailing seniors, calling them in and calling home,” Counselor Michelle Cortes said. “We deal with this every year.”

According to assistant principal Christy Bryce, students who do not graduate on time can attend summer school, or can finish classes through virtual school. Once the necessary requirements are completed, they can graduate in summer at the SCPS summer graduation on July 19, at 3:00 p.m. at Hagerty.

Although it is important to meet graduation requirements, there are many other tasks that should be completed if you are planning on attending college, obtaining scholarships or participating in the graduation ceremony. Things that should be completed include:

  • Completing and turning in Bright Futures requirements and form by May 1
  • Enrolling at the college and paying the deposit by May 1
  • Paying the housing deposit, if applicable
  • Ordering a cap and gown
  • Ordering final transcripts after graduation

Whether you are using this checklist for graduation or for college preparation, this checklist will make the process a little easier.