Realistic Resolutions

Emily Cosio, News Editor

Three months into 2018, resolutions seem like a distant memory. Keeping New Year resolutions is almost impossible for many people. According to Huffington Post, only 8% of people keep their resolutions.

These students have small resolutions that make a simple change to their daily lives, but they have kept them, unlike most.

Junior Emily Canamella wanted to apply lotion to her hands more frequently, especially since colder weather has hit Florida.

Even though Canamella said it was a rather unusual resolution, she wanted to create a change that will help her, and in this case, get rid of her dry skin.

Every day may be too much of a commitment for some, but adding a change that a person wants to see in their life once a week may be more attainable. Repetition of this pattern can drastically improve a person’s life. An example of this would be doing homework Friday nights, to have a free a weekend.

Freshman Frank Salgado wanted to improve his health. While this is on the top of most people’s list, Salgado is taking steps to achieve this goal.

“I want to join track, be a faster runner and have a better diet,” Salgado said. “It’s been working out, and everything has been going well.”

All those have become a reality for Salgado. He is on the track team, decreased his running time and eats healthier.

Junior Sarah Cooke noticed something that has always bothered her, so this year, she made it her resolution, although small, to organize her nail polish.

To complete a resolution, it does not necessarily need to be life changing. Finding a problem and then working to resolve it, can sometimes be the best idea.

Working to improve grades may be the most popular goal for students. This is especially true for junior Cassidy Smith and freshman Nathan Gilman. However, they took different approaches.

Smith received a planner for Christmas, and she was determined to fully benefit from it. She spends the time before classes to plan out all that she has to accomplish by the end of the day, week and month. Smith also keeps track of her productivity in her planner to motivate herself to improve.

Gilman wanted good grades for the third quarter, so his resolution was to study for his exams. He set aside time to study for each of his exams so he can finish the quarter with the best possible grades.

Even though the beginning of January seemed like ages ago, it is never too late to set resolutions for 2018. Whether it’s just adding something extra or fixing a little problem, resolutions are attainable.