PUBG more incomplete than unknown

Cover of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds online game. The game was released on 2017.

Cover of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds online game. The game was released on 2017.

Cade Schexnayder, Journalism I

 Everyone lands on an island to find guns and supplies, but then the servers start lagging and you can’t even find any items since they aren’t rendering on the ground. This video game is called Player Unknown Battle Grounds, while this is a hit for many PC gamers, when the game made the move to console, it had plenty of problems that came with it. PUBG is a 100 PvP, up to 4 players on each team, where everyone lands onto an island and you must find guns and supplies to kill the other players. The last one standing wins the game. This battle royal style of game gained major popularity and these type of games are now the newest thing out right now.

With PUBG being one of the originals of this type, it gained many users on PC with now over 1.5 million players. The game consists of a variety of buildings like apartments and houses but also having fields and mountains. These biomes and new structures keep the game fresh even though landing on the same map every time. This game had stayed on PC for many months, and with the new popularity, the producers decided to add the game to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. This move pleased many Xbox owners including myself.

When it dropped this past December many were eager to play this amazing game, but many of fans were disappointed since many of the graphics would not load in for the whole game, making it extremely difficult to pick up the items you need to win. Also, the fps, which is frames per second, drops below 60, which is bad for a first/third person shooter.

Now other people will say that the game just came out and obviously there will be bugs with the release. This can happen with many games and is fixed at the most after 2 weeks of tweaking the game. So even though most were mad about the bugs, we could understand the slow start. But now it is late January, and these problems still exist. This has caused major backlash and should be, a game needs to be finished completely through 2 months of it being out.

The very potential this game has is just not being utilized. The game on PC makes for a great co-op, action packed, and just plain good old fun that some games just don’t have now a day. But PUBG hits this out of the park, that’s why the move to console would have been such a smart idea if it worked. Unfortunately, it did not work out and the game still needs to fix their problems if they don’t want to be a joke by the Xbox community.

While this game is an amazing concept and is great on PC, it is just incomplete and filled with bugs that takes away from the joy that you can get from the game. Sadly the game just could not bring the same product they perfected on PC to Xbox.