Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosts guest speaker Darryl Strawberry


Darryl Strawberry and club members pray after the ceremony. Members who attended got to listen to Strawberry’s presentation as well as has individual time with him.

Ahilyn Aguilar, Editor-in-Chief

On Dec. 14 Fellowship of Christian Athletes club held a Christmas Party in the new gym, as their final meeting of the semester.

FCA started as a club that served as a safe place for athletes to be able to get together and pray for their similar problems such as inability to play due to injuries.  But, with the club surfacing at the school again, everyone was welcomed to join, not just athletes.

“We want everyone to join, not just athletes. We do not want to be an exclusive club,” club sponsor Tony Coffie said. “Right now, we have less athletes than people who are involved in any sports”

With Coffie being good friends with Strawberry and the sponsor, he decided to invite him as a speaker to prove to members that anyone can leave their dark phases behind and start a new life as a Christian.

“Darryl has gone through everything you can imagine, from cheating on his wife to drugs and then going to jail,” Coffie said. “But now, he’s a Christian and has a testimony to teach club members on the things we go through as young adults.”

Members and Coffie also wanted Strawberry to visit due to his fame throughout the club’s national level. This upcoming year, Strawberry will be a speaker for University Central Florida football as well as every football team participating in the Peach Bowl that is involved with FCA.

During his visit, Strawberry talked to the members about their destiny and how every individual has a calling. He stated that everyone can use this to reach other people through their religion. The members got to talk to Strawberry individually and pray with him after the presentation.

“[Strawberry] did a good job in getting members to identify with his issues and learned that just as God helped him, they can also face challenges and be helped by god as well,” Coffie said.

FCA plans on having more guest speakers next semester and the club is still accepting new members. The club meets every Friday morning at 6:50-7:15 a.m. in the old gym and provides members with orange juice and donuts.