Maple Street brings new breakfast options


photo by Tara Routie

There are many creative combinations at Maple Street. This particular biscuit is called the Sticky Maple.

Tara Routie, Staff Reporter

Located at Oviedo on the Park, Maple Street Biscuit Company puts a twist on traditional breakfast. With biscuits as their staple, Maple Street sells creative sandwich biscuit combinations, including a full chicken breast. The restaurant has been trending on social media, and it is easy to see why.

It was crowded as soon as the door opened and it took a while for the food to get made. The wait was not ideal, but it was reasonable. Since so many people were waiting by the drinks for their food, it was hard to push through everyone, but eventually I got my food and went outside because of the lack of inside seating.

As for the atmosphere, the restaurant features lights strung across the roofs which added a cozy tone, but the lights serve no purpose since they are not open at night. However, there is another restaurant adjacent to Maple Street, so it is possible that they are both sharing the patio once it opens.

The food is fairly priced for the portion sizes, and the variety of biscuit combinations make it easy for people with different taste preferences. The food was the best part because of the flavor and freshness. The hot chocolate, however, was watered down and barely had a chocolate taste. It needed milk instead of water.

The food was the most enjoyable factor, and the overall atmosphere was above average. If the building was bigger, it would be a more pleasant experience even on crowded days. The food cancels out the lack of space, and overall, Maple Street gets a 4/5 rating.