Cucinella’s a good delivery option


photo by Emily Cosio

The best item on Cucinella’s menu has to be their calzone. Their homemade 12″ calzone with two fillings is $9.

Emily Cosio, News Editor

Cucinella’s Brick Oven Pizzeria is going to be the local pizza place that friends and families take into consideration when deciding where to order on Fridays.

Their calzone, filled with cheese and the choice of any two toppings, was absolutely delicious. The cheese inside was perfectly melted and tasted amazing. The bread was soft and seasoned tastefully.

The pizza however was just okay. The crust was a tiny bit burnt and didn’t have much flavor, but the cheese and the sauce of the pizza could easily make a person forget about the crust.

The best item of the menu had to be their garlic knots. The knots came with a side of marinara sauce, but they had such great flavor that the sauce was not needed.

Their salad could have been better, it only had lettuce, tomato and onion. But once a customer drizzles on the house dressing, it transforms into something great.

The food was excellent, but the location was a nightmare. In the front of the building, there is only one legitimate parking spot, so we had to park illegally in the handicap parking space. People are forced to park alongside the road for additional parking, but thankfully, Cucinella’s offers delivery around the Oviedo area with a minimum order of $20.

Inside, there is no seating, which was a let-down, but the service is quick when I called in for an order. The building is very small, but customers are able to see the bakers making the pizza. Watching them toss the crust in the air put a smile on my face and forget about the hassle.

Overall, Cucinella’s deserves four out of five stars. As far as pizza goes, Cucinella’s is not the greatest, but they make up for it with a large selection of food that beats the competition.