AP Environmental Science teacher wins award


Marc Pooler quietly grades papers at his desk. His hard work and outgoing personality led to his win.

Tara Routie, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, while science teacher Marc Pooler was teaching his second period, flowers and balloons flooded his classroom. The occasion? Winning teacher of the year. Administration also recognized the school employee of the year, bookkeeper Missy Clarke, on the same day.

Pooler has been teaching at Hagerty for eight years and currently teaches AP Environmental Science to juniors and seniors. He is well known for his outgoing personality and unique teaching methods.

“He always makes sure to make our notes more fun and breaks up boring subject matter with fun games,” senior Gabby Foerster said.

Although Pooler is a student favorite, his teaching skills are respected. Pooler has always looked around at all the other talented teachers and strived to be like them. Teachers and staff voted for him to win, and Pooler thinks that his colleagues heard about his good traits from students, which allowed him to win the award.

“I’m a happy dude, and the kids enjoy the class,” Pooler said.

Pooler uses unique teaching methods to explain the different concepts in environmental science. He often shares personal anecdotes to his class, as well as plays games in between lectures. He records short lectures on each chapter for students to view at home. This way, students can refer to his lectures at anytime when preparing for exams. In order to reward good grades, he throws a party for the period with the highest test scores. However, it is his outgoing, yet caring charisma that makes students enjoy his class.

Senior Isabelle Lynch explains that allowing students to have fun every once in a while is important because students end up remembering and understanding the subject better.

“I never knew APES would be this entertaining and factual,” Lynch said.

Throughout his eight years as an educator, Pooler has learned a great deal about being a good educator. He explains that by caring about his students, they will care for him in return. Pooler’s authenticity and good attitude rubs off on students, and they end up enjoying the class.

“It took me a long time to realize that the best way I could be a good educator is to be myself,” Pooler said.