The H Factor puts talent on display


photo by Shayne Watson

Five-year dance partners participate in a breathtaking performance. Dorian Beaupierre and Bakari Broadus won first place for this routine.

Sydney Crouch, Staff Reporter

The H Factor’s second place winner, Kara Brizendine, performed an act with a twist. She used the talent show as a platform to creatively expose the audience to a genre of music not commonly chosen by students: musical theatre. She performed “Miss Marmelstein” from the musical “I Can Get it For You Wholesale,” which combined singing and acting in one enjoyable comedic performance.

“I was excited to perform for an audience who might not be very familiar with songs that aren’t pop or on the radio,” Brizendine said.

The school’s annual talent show, the H Factor, included singing, dancing and acting. These performances were not only a form of entertainment for audiences, however. They held deeper meaning for each performer. Within the wide variety of talent, the acts had a valuable purpose.

This is part of why the show was created: to give students an opportunity to come together and express their talents to an audience as well as venture out of their comfort zone.

“The show highlights Hagerty’s many talented students, many of whom do not have time in their schedules to take part in one of our fine arts classes.” TV Production teacher Donna Parker said.

Not only did they get a chance to perform for friends and family, they were able to compete for a prize.

First place winners Dorian Beaupierre and Bakari Broadus worked together to put on an emotional performance after five years of dancing with one another. Because this is their last year together in high school, they wanted to go out with a bang.

“It was very heartwarming to know that we won first place,” Broadus said. “There is a huge meaning behind the dance.”

“We’ve been waiting for this moment since the last show we did together,” Beaupierre said, “Being on stage with him makes everything a million times better.”

The audience was a part of the show just as much as the performers were. Audience members clapped along to singers, for example, to show their support.

“It’s always fun getting verbal input from the crowd during a performance,” Beaupierre said.

This input is what strengthened the emotional aspect of the show and brought everyone closer as they enjoyed the performances.

While the judges decided the winners of the show, the house lights went up, and hosts Sydney Fouche and Ezequial Almonte chose audience members to display their own talents.

The hosts also introduced each act and entertained the audience while switching gears. This comedic duo worked to keep things running smoothly throughout the show.

Coordinated by Parker and TV Production, the H Factor brought a sense of pride to those who participated in the show and the friends and family surrounding them.

“It was a great experience, all of the contestants were very supportive. I’m so thankful to have placed at all,” Brizendine said.