Shannon Sahinbas, 11 – Lake Pickett


photo by Morgan Thornley

Dock near junior Shannon Sahinbas’ house. The hurricane brought debris to lakes located in Lake Pickett and with the amount of rain, docks were flooded due to the water level rising.

Ahilyn Aguilar, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Shannon Sahinbas started by first preparing for the hurricane by clearing the docks near her lake and her backyard. Before the hurricane Sahinbas and her family did not expect damage, but, this changed Monday morning. Sahinbas lost power for six days, was forced to get a generator and found her boat dock completely flooded. Since Sahinbas’ dock is made out of wood, her family plans on waiting for the water level to go down in order for them to be able to fully use the lake again.

“You can’t get a boat in or out of the buoy, so no one can use their boats. Since there is a lot of debris in the lake no one can swim unless they’re really careful,” Sahinbas said.