Pumpkin picking for boys’ soccer

Just in time for the fall season, the boys’ soccer team will be selling pumpkins in front of the student parking lot through October and into the beginning of November as part of its annual fundraiser.  Depending on size, pumpkin prices range from $3 to $30, with sample pumpkin sizes at the patch for buyers to determine the costs of their selections.

Members of both JV and varsity teams work in shifts to maintain the fundraiser and keep sales running smoothly.

According to junior Evan Diatzikis, other than the poinsettia sale later in the year, this is the biggest source of the soccer team’s profits.

“There’s always other clubs in the school that try to steal it from us,” Diatzikis said. “But it’s important to us because that’s really our only way to generate money besides the funds we get from the school.”

Due to the timing of this fundraiser, students, friends and family can prepare for the jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pies of fall while benefiting the boys’ soccer team.