Top ten guarantees UCF admission

With the help of an initiative launched last month, students who are in the top ten percent of their senior class could be automatically accepted to University of Central Florida though the Top Ten Knights admissions program. The program was introduced to recognize student academic achievement in high school and to provide Florida students with more certainty regarding the UCF admissions process.

“Many Florida families have expressed concern that UCF is becoming so competitive that their students would not have the opportunity to attend UCF,” Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions Dr. Gordon Chavis said. “UCF wants to continue to provide access to a quality education for Florida students.”

Under the basic top ten percent requirement, only 54 current senior students at Hagerty would qualify. Further qualifications, such as a minimum SAT score of 1010 (verbal and math) or ACT score of 21 and current enrollment in a Pre-Calculus or higher math course, also limiting the number of students admitted through this program.

“At first glance, part of the the program seemed unfair, but it makes sense to allow students who challenge themselves to that level to get in,” senior Christian Pasciak said. “It’s a great program to help motivate students to work harder to move up in their class.”

However, some students think that the program is too narrow by allowing high school students admission based solely on academics.

“Students can easily cheat their way through harder classes and look good academically, which is why a university should base their admission decision off of other criteria as well,” senior Nicolette England said.

According to Chavis, UCF research has found that GPA, coupled with a strong academic program, was more predictive of success in a high school student’s transition to UCF than other factors considered in an admission decision. This is also the reasoning behind the “Direct Connect” program which allows transfer students from Florida community colleges, who obtain their AA degree,  guaranteed admission to UCF.

“If we offer this program to [community college] transfer students, why not do the same for Florida high school seniors?” Chavis said.

To be considered for the Top Ten Knights program, a completed application and all required documentation must be provided to the UCF Office of Undergraduate Admissions by Dec. 31, 2013. If a student qualifies, they will be notified by Feb. 15 of their admission to either the Summer, Fall or Spring term.