Bill Nye Saves the World in new Netflix series


Cover for new Netflix series “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” The show was released April 21.

Ahilyn Aguilar, News Editor

Students sang along to his catchy theme song back in middle school, and he drilled into our brains that “Inertia is a property of matter.” Now, he’s back and continues to share his knowledge in the new Netflix show Bill Nye Save the World, a show that proves that after 19 years, Nye still has the power to make learning undeniably pleasurable.

Bill Nye Saves the World focuses on educating both young viewers as well as adults on current worldwide and well-known issues that are in some way related to science.  In contrast to his old show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the new series changes the topics from volcanic formations and the weather to global warming and artificial intelligence. Nye also raises his viewer’s age by taking a more serious tone and approach in explaining each issue he covers.

Nye talks about issues that are well worth discussing such as diets, vaccines, genetically modified organisms, overpopulation and scientific misconceptions. Each topic is explained fully in a 30-minute episode and gives any viewer a basic understanding. This allows Nye to teach his mature audience just as effectively as he did children through Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The show’s organized format follows through all 13 episodes. Nye starts each segment with an experiment or an explanation of the issue, which makes the viewer understand why the topic is important.

Nye makes the talk show even more entertaining by featuring famous individuals in every episode, such as model Karlie Kloss and comedian Joanna Hausmann, all who help Nye in making their own scientific research, and assisting him with experiments and explanations.

Even though the show is intended to be educational, Nye, with multiple show segments, makes viewers forget the series purpose and instead enjoy the show’s occasional humor.  Nye does this by including sections such as “Bill Needs a Minute,” in which Nye rants about an issue and states his opinion in an entertaining way. Nye also leaves his audience with some knowledge without them noticing.

One of the main ways the series shows the new and improved Nye is with a live studio audience that does not stop cheering for Bill, whether or not what is going on is funny. In this sense, the new series is much different from Bill Nye the Science Guy, a scripted show that had little to no reliance on celebrities or improv.

However, what makes Bill Nye Saves the World stand out from other science talk shows is the in-depth discussion of every issue. Nye, along with a panel of experts, explains each side fully, making the audience consider both pro and con perspectives.

For viewers who are expecting Nye’s old comedic style in the new series, Bill Nye Saves the World will come off as a disappointing and politically centered. This is due to Nye’s compelling opinion on topics that are related in some way to politics. The new series indirectly targets individuals who oppose to scientific topics such as global warming and Nye even comes to the extent of making sarcastic jokes that are clearly about them.

Throughout the show, Nye takes strong positions especially in the show’s first episode, “Earth Is a Hot Mess,” where he explores one of the most talked about issues: climate change. The longest episode of the series, Nye rants and ends the episode shouting and begging viewers to educate those who do not believe in global warming to support his claim that Earth needs help.

Bill Nye Saves the World combats scientific illiteracy and attempts to educate millennials through the discussion of highly divisive issues. After every episode, viewers will understand that the title of his new series is not hyperbole at all. Nye leaves each individual, no matter what age, with a feeling of excitement towards science, encouraging them to create a change for the better.