Shopping without stress

Shopping without stress

Emily Cosio, Staff Reporter

The holidays are the time to relax and enjoy the season. However, a lot of people find this time of year to be stressful and expensive when trying to shop for presents. According to PR Newswire, “86% of us say they find buying presents difficult and 65% find Christmas shopping a stressful experience”. The holidays also can be extremely expensive.

“I probably spend like 450 dollars each year, because I have lots of cousins,” sophomore Hana Mutawe said.

Although most high schoolers don’t spend that much on presents, Christmas can still be a lot. Here are some ideas that are cheap ideas that will take away the stress, especially for those who you just don’t know what to get them.

The person who always gives something

There isn’t anything more embarrassing than receiving a gift but not having anything to give. Here are some ideas that will fix the awkward moment. In order for this idea to work, have the gifts ready to go.

-Gift Card

There is no simpler idea than a $5 or $10 gift card. These can be purchased pretty much anywhere but some great places are Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, Starbucks, Chipotle, Chewy Boba’s Company or Chick-fil-A.


Take a cute plastic bag, which can be purchased at a dollar store, and fill it with different types of candy, which can also be found at a dollar store. It can also look more expensive by adding a bow and a tag with their name on it. This an easy and cheap present that will avoid those awkward situations.

Mutawe’s older sister always buys her a drink at Starbucks whenever they are in the car together. She wanted to get her a special gift for Christmas to pay her back. She wasn’t sure what to get her, but decided to get her a ring and bracelets. In order to choose the gift, Mutawe thought about what her sister would appreciate and would actually use.

More than a friend, not quite in a relationship

The strange phase of ‘are we or aren’t we’ can be tough during the holiday season. Spending too much seems desperate, but not spending enough seems uninterested, these ideas are right in the middle.

-Two movie tickets:

While this may not be the cheapest idea, it gives the person the option of who to take. With movies coming out all the time, they are bound to find something they like.

-Small gift

Without going overboard, small gifts can be sweet and affordable. For guys try cologne, printed socks, t-shirts, sporty water bottles or a funny phone case. For girls try perfume, lotion, a notebook, makeup or a candle.

Secret Santa gifts

At some point in a person’s life, they have had to play the classic game of Secret Santa. Whether the person is just an acquaintance or a friends, here are some Secret Santa gift ideas.


Everyone loses their earbuds, so it’s important to keep a backup pair, just in case. These also comes in tons of styles so finding the perfect pair will not be too hard.

-Coffee mug or Tervis Tumbler cup

Depending on the person’s favorite drink, a new mug or cup could be the perfect present. Both come in a variety of pictures and phrases that anybody can enjoy.

“When I play Secret Santa, I get girls scented hand sanitizers and guys a keychain,” sophomore Sarah Dreyer said. “They are easy items, especially since I don’t have a lot of money to spend.”

Both hand sanitizers and keychains are inexpensive and make a good present. Little gifts like these are really cheap and everyone likes them.


This would seem like the easiest category since friends spend a lot of time together, however not everyone is good at picking out presents. There is a lot of pressure on picking out the perfect gift, but don’t fret, these ideas will ease the difficulty.

-Anything with photos

All good friends have that one perfect picture together that represents their friendship. Print it out and put it in a nice picture frame, either store bought or homemade. It is also really simple to make a collage by printing a few pictures and layering them. There are also many websites that can put any picture on items, like a shirt or cup. Other websites can use lasers to put pictures in glass or print the pictures on wood.

-DIY Pinterest ideas

There are thousands of adorable ideas that could be made for those special friends. Pinterest is made for everybody, from the next Picasso to the person who can barely draw a stick figure. No matter what they get, friends should appreciate the time and effort that went into the making of their gift. For example, ornaments are easy to make and can be customizable with their name, picture or their favorite color.

“I usually get my friends things that are sentimental to both of us, but practical,” sophomore Sandra Alegre said. “Something that they can use a lot and that will last.”

The person to suck-up to

Whether it’s the strict teacher, the captain of a team, or the cute boy in class, everybody has a person that they want to like them. This person can be easily impressed with these ideas.

-Gift basket or set

The hard work is already done. There are hundreds of gift baskets, with almost anything inside, and they aren’t ridiculously expensive. A good place to buy or make these is Bath and Body Works and Target.

-Store-bought treats

There is an assortment of holiday goods that are appreciated by everyone, from cookies to brownies to candy. Buying them from the store is a safer bet, since some people aren’t trustworthy. Just be cautious of allergies and have a good idea of what they actually like.