Midsummer Night’s Dream auditions in winter

The cover photo for the play Midsummer Nights Dream.

The cover photo for the play “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Melissa Donovan, Business Manager

Throughout the week of Dec. 12 theatre held auditions for the Purebread production and adaptation, “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The play,  written by William Shakespeare, is a comedy focusing on the diverse love lives of each of the characters, while they also try to construct and perform a play of their own. It’s a literal story-in-a-story.

“All these characters intertwine in such wacky ways throughout the show as they each have their own goals and desires,” senior Sierra Hittel, cast as Helena, said. “The magic is a major component of the plot that screws up all their love, making everything more fun and just so crazy.”

Callbacks were posted on Wednesday, Dec. 14 to notify those auditioning who had moved on to next round to become a cast member. However, even the people who weren’t on the callback list still were considered for roles. This is due to the large number of main and secondary roles Shakespeare has in his plays. The official cast list was up on Friday Dec. 16.

Rehearsals will begin on Jan. 17, and the play will debut on April 11 and run until April 15. Due to double casting, there is a possibility of another performance, either as a Wednesday or a Saturday matinee. Two years ago there was a Wednesday performance for “Hello Dolly,” but this would be the first time that there would be a Saturday matinee.

For actors and actresses, let alone the high school students, Shakespeare’s language is not as easy to interpret as it seems. However, they enjoy the challenge.

“I knew that I wanted to audition for a “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” because I absolutely love Shakespeare and his language,” senior Madison Barret, cast as Hippoltya, said. “It is so beautiful how he sculpts his phrases and I am continuously amazed at his genius writings.”