Art students visit Orlando Museum of Art


Students looking at and standing around Soundsuit 2011, a statue made by Nick Cave on display at the Orlando Museum of Art

Hannah Hadelman, Staff Reporter

On Thursday Oct. 20, 80 students of art teacher Lisa Smith’s students got to go on a field trip to Orlando Museum of Art to learn and explore the museum for the first time.

All students taking an art class with Smith could sign up for the field trip. They left in a bus after first period on Thursday and returned before the school day was over.

“I signed up for the trip so I could admire and critique art that was professional,” sophomore Kiah Harmon said.

The group was taken on a tour through the museum by a tour guide who explained certain pieces. They also had time to walk through the museum themselves to look at the work, and the students were given a challenge to find the most expensive piece. After looking at all of the art, the students had lunch outside in the park.

“I enjoyed how we got to explore and see the different types of sculptures,” Harmon said. “I learned more about the compositions of art, too.”

This is the first time Smith has taken her students on a field trip, and she plans to continue doing this for future students.

“I chose to take my students on the trip because many of my students have never even been to any art museum,” Smith said. “I want to expose them to art so they can see what art really is.”