No-drop-off policy takes effect in September

Beginning in September, a no-drop-off policy will begin, meaning parents will no longer be able to go to the front office to drop off homework, lunches, books or anything else that a child may have left at home.

The purpose of this change, brought by administration, is to prepare students for the responsibility, thinking and organization necessary in college.  The enforcement of this policy aims to help eliminate students’ dependency on their parents, getting them ready for life on their own in the near future.

“It’s part of our job as educators to prepare students for college,” secretary Carla Baird said.  “I think it’s very important to have the kids be accountable for their own things.”

In addition to helping with responsibility among students, this no-drop-off rule prevents parents from driving back to school after dropping their child off, or leaving their job to bring forgotten homework for their son or daughter.

“This is the reason why your parents put you on the bus in the morning or put you in a car to ride to school,” Baird said, “because they don’t want to come back.”