BETA buckles up


photo by Ahilyn Aguilar

Vice President MaKenna Lehmann writes down the club’s Remind101 code. The club is planning on communicating through ePassport and the Remind101 app.

Ahilyn Aguilar, News Editor

On Wednesday Sept.14, BETA club held its first meeting and introduced their plans for the year.

BETA club is a leadership service organization that encourages high schoolers to get service involvement in the community. By doing this, the club helps students develop character and good leadership skills.

This year, BETA club will be participating in non-profit organizations and events which will help volunteers complete their Bright Futures service hours. It will be participating in the same events as last year such as Pasta for Pennies, Relay for Life and Paint, where the club teams up with Student Government Association to donate money to a breast cancer foundation.  

Those who wish to join the club are required to have a 3.5 weighted GPA and have a clean disciplinary and attendance record. Only sophomores, juniors and seniors are only allowed to join and they must submit an application to be inducted by Sep. 30.

“To be a part of this club you need to meet certain requirements, so rather than having a lot of people who just want hours, we are a group of people who equally want to challenge themselves,” club president Caitlyn Patel said.

The club will be making some changes this year, including the frequency of their meetings and the structure of their volunteering hours.Students will no longer have to look for their own places to volunteer. Instead, the club will provide them with volunteering opportunities.

“We are trying to pare down the amount of times we meet since a lot of our members belong to honor societies and sports,” Cortes said.

BETA club is planning on meeting once every quarter instead of once a quarter, where they will be discussing upcoming events and providing members with important updates. Applications can be picked up in student services, bldg. 2.