First pep rally sparks anticipation


Varsity football runs onto the field at the pre-season game against Freedom. This was the first game of the year, and the first pep rally of the year is Friday, Sept. 9.

Hannah Hadelman, Staff Reporter

Oviedo versus Hagerty. Those three words are all it takes to create an intense argument fueled by the strong rivalry between to the two schools. With hopes of pumping up the students and the varsity football team for the game against Oviedo that night, the pep rally will be on Friday, Sept. 9 during the last 40 minutes of school in the new gym.

The new student section leaders are working with administration to make this year’s pep rallies unique and different, possibly incorporating more games and activities. The varsity dance team, Unleashed, and the varsity cheerleading team will be performing,

As always, every class has a specific color that they are supposed to wear: freshmen wear white, sophomores grey, juniors blue and seniors black.

One chant the main section leader, senior Robby Boyer, expects everyone to know for this year is “I Believe that We Will Win.” It can be used for every sport at every game, as well as at pep rallies.

“We have a lot of other chants but underclassmen will pick them up as we go along this year” Boyer said.

The pep rally coordinator, teacher and cheerleading coach Kim Barlowe, organizes the rallies with the help of the cheer team. The second pep rally is scheduled for Oct. 28 and the Homecoming Parade will be on Sept. 30.

The football team’s pre-season win against Freedom on Friday, Aug. 26 gave everybody a glimpse of what this year is going to be like with Boyer leading the student section.

“We surprisingly had a really big student section at the game against Freedom, being that it was only pre-season,” Boyer said. “I can’t wait to see how this first pep-rally goes.”